The CNT-AIT in Spain is one of the oldest Sections of the IWA and perhaps its most well-known. It has been with us from practically the start of our existence, for 100 years now.

However, unfortunately, the CNT-AIT is again under threat. In the past, it was threatened by the fascist forces of Francisco Franco which sought to destroy anarcho-syndicalism in Spain. Currently, it is under threat from former comrades which seek to destroy it through crippling lawsuits and legal cases which might even lead to imprisonment of some of our comrades.

This is completely unacceptable to us! We will never give up fighting for anarcho-syndicalism throughout the world, just as the CNT-AIT will never give up fighting, despite the efforts to crush it. The International Workers Association has therefore, like in the times of Franco, set up a concerted campaign to support our comrades in Spain!

Long live the CNT-AIT and long live anarcho-syndicalism!